Scrolling-mobile-billboards-5We have affiliates in approximately 60 markets through out the USA. We can accomplish almost anything you can dream up, we can be your hero. If it’s branding, call to action, awareness and much more are on your mind as a business owner or someone who is a advertising strategist; let us help you with your vision. We strategically drive the most highly and visibly trafficked routes that TDOT measures 5 times a week (50) hours Mon-Fri 7:30-5:30 and offers exclusive night and weekend service.Our 3D illuminating truck is one of a kind manufactured for this business.

Unforgettable Advertising

Nights and weekends the nomADicgenius truck transforms into a live 3D illuminating display showroom. Imagine seeing a 3D moving vehicle with illuminating lights loaded with furniture, or retail mannequins, sport bikes, wave runners, small cars, boats and much more. This type of marketing draws attention and creates a viral campaign that cannot be topped.

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